About the Artist

My name is Tamara Tsurkan, I was born in Ukraine, but now live in Madison, Wisconsin. I started creating jewelry when I was a child. At 8 years old I took apart my mom’s beaded necklace and made several necklaces. She had no idea what I did... and later my mom recognized parts of her necklace on my friends necklaces :-)

I started designing jewelry (for real :)) around six years ago when I created my first leather jewelry collection. Later I started combining leather with sterling silver. I enjoy working across different (and sometimes non-standard) media, so recently I also started working with sponge corals (which I picked up myself on the beaches in Florida).

I also paint (www.art-by-tamara.com) and make needle felted paintings and sculptures (www.feltedanimals.com).

I am currently a member of Madison Art Guild (MAG), Wisconsin Alliance of Artists & Craftspeople (WAAC), and Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA).